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Surrogacy Services in Ukraine & Kenya

It is everyone’s dream to be a Parent, to have a family, and a family starts with a baby. For generations and histories as past as in period of AD or BC having a genetic offspring and progress of Genetic Off Spring has been one of the most important desires in mankind’s life.


Due to prejudiced mind-set there have been many people who have no access to realize their dream of being Parents, which is one of the fundamental reasons of one’s existence. Despite many countries taking steps such as recognizing LGBT Marriages, accepting live-in relationships, accepting singlestatus and taking progressive steps towards modernizing of societies, Single Parents continue to suffer due to repugnant reasons in many such societies across the globe wherein they are still denied this right to parent a child.


We with the help of our facility in Kenya are trying our best to bring smiles to such people, in partnering them in realizing their long cherished dream of Parenthood.

Surrogacy for Single Parents

Our facility in Kenya keeping all due laws of land in mind caters to such Single Parents, and married heterosexual couples who desire to have their genetic offspring but are unable to do so due to various reasons.

In the past few years acceptance of same-sex marriages, live-in relationships and single status in society has increased by leaps and bounds and many countries have been progressive enough to legalize them, in the same manner, the countries need to allow parenting for Single Parents and Surrogacy is the only option for many of such people desiring to have a child of their own.


Our Surrogacy Program in Kenya has been specifically modified to ensure that we are also able to cater and fulfill the need of such people who are single and are desirous to have their child. Hence our Surrogacy Program in Kenya is not limited to married people but also to Single Parents. In our Clinic, we have a bank of Egg Donors and Sperm Donors from which a couple/single parent can opt for the best suitable biological donor for their child.


To ensure the safety and to provide a secure and risk free environment for such couples we ensure that we are updated on the rules and regulations of Kenya and all other countries which may have an impact on treatment of such couples with an intent to provide all possible Legal Help and Advice to such couples to ensure their journey to Parenthood is without any bumps or hiccups.


In our facility in Kenya we offer a comprehensive all included program that includes arranging the egg donor, surrogate mother and also covering all the legal formalities needed for you to start and benefit from our result oriented surrogacy package using egg donor, with a clause of refund.


The program covers all Legal Help that you may need/seek from the start of the program till the time you are able to secure travel documents and exit for your baby in a hassle free manner.