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Infertility and Surrogacy Treatment in Kenya & Ukraine


Kiran Fertility Services (KFS) has been one of the pioneers in Reproductive Tourism and has helped hundreds of infertile patients, couples, single men/ women and the LGBT folk have their own genetic child through its IVF and Surrogacy Programs in India, Nepal, Ukraine and Kenya since 2008.Many Intending Parents across the globe are burdened with the emotional and financial trauma that Infertility brings but hesitate to pursue their dream of Parenting a Child in their life due to various reasons, few of them being
  • High costs of Surrogacy/fertility treatment in countries like United States of America, Canada, Australia ,Europe  and many other countries in the world.
  • Complex legalities like only Altruistic Surrogacy being allowed in many European Countries like U.K. &Spain and in certain states of Australia
  • Restrictions on Egg Donation/ Sperm Donation
  • Lack of Legal Know how


For such patients across the globe, we here At KFS are trying to bring about a change in their life by assisting them to realize their long cherished dream of Parenting.We are trying to bring them closer to their dream by offering Infertility Treatments  and Surrogacy Programs in Kenya & Ukraine.Through these programs, it has been our endeavour to pass on the advantages like lower costs, streamline the legal process and pass on theavailable legal expertise to the intended parents who are opting to travel outside their country to find cheaper or easier ways of achieving their family-building goals.


In recent years, technological advancements in travel, medicine, and reproductive technology have played a large part in expanding the Surrogacy Treatments. There are experienced, well-educated Doctors practicing Third Party Reproduction in places like India, Kenya and Ukraine  – and they are using up-to date & modern technologies and techniques.


The most important reason for KFS to offer these treatments in Kenya and Ukraine is to enable the Intended Parents to pursue their dream of parenthood which they were unable to do till now because of several factors  such as high cost of surrogacy and fertility treatments in their own countries, inability to travel for longer periods and lack of legal and logistical know how. KFS will provide an integrated surrogacy program to ensure a smooth and streamlined surrogacy process


Surrogacy in Kenya or Ukraine

In the U.S. or Europe, Surrogacy costs range from $1,50,000 to $200,000 or more. However, using a surrogate in Kenya or Ukraine, for example, costs are approximately $40,000 to $60,000. In addition to being less expensive, the process in Kenya or Ukraine has fewer legal constraints than in several other countries especially associated to legalities regarding compensation to the Surrogate Mother and her rights over the child born through such arrangements


Surrogates in these countries are not only motivated by the financial rewards of being a gestational carrier, but also by their desire to help people who cannot get pregnant on their own.


Advantages of Surrogacy Programs in Kenya & Ukraine:

Who can Enrol & How

Married Heterosexual Couples Single Men & Women

No requirements of any Official or Government Document to be Apostilled or Certified to start the process.

No requirement of Marriage Certificate.

Married Heterosexual Couples with Marriage Certificate Apostilled by Concerned Department or Embassy of respective country of Citizenship

With Certificate from your Doctor to support that you need to undergo Surrogacy Treatment, alternatively we can also provide such a letter.

Time Frame

Estimated time for entire process – 10 to 14 months

Wait time between Embryo Transfers – 2 weeks.

Estimated time for entire process – 10 to 18 months

Wait time between Embryo Transfers – 4 to 6 weeks

Available Programs

Self- Cycle

Egg donor

Frozen embryos

Embryo donation

Self cycle

Egg donor

Frozen embryos

Costs( US Dollars)

$40,000 to $45,000

$45,000 to $60,000

Egg donors






Other Services

Packages With Donor

Embryo Shipping

Pre & Post Birth Legal Help

Travel Desk/ Concierge for Accommodation, Travel & Flights

Local Facilitator

Packages With Donor

Embryo Shipping

Pre & Post Birth Legal Help

Travel Desk/ Concierge for Accommodation, Travel & Flights

Local Facilitator

Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa

Visa on Arrival for specific Countries

Medical Visa Before Commencing The Program

For further details regarding Visa please clinck on below mentioned link.


Surrogacy Treatment for Single Parents

It is everyone’s dream to be a Parent, to have a family, and a family starts with a baby. For generations and histories as past as in period of AD or BC having a genetic offspring and progress of Genetic Off Spring has been one of the most important desires in mankind’s life.

Reasons for people choosing Surrogacy

Starting a family can be a wonderful time in one’s life. However, while there are many who are very much long waiting to have children, for one reason or another, they are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term and for such couples surrogacy is a boon.

Surrogacy Package With Self Gametes

Surrogacy Kenya offers a surrogacy program with self-gametes,We offer a surrogacy package with self-gametes which includes A to Z surrogacy services with 4 ivf cycles which are included in the advance payment

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Surrogacy Program With Caucasian Egg Donor or Your Money Back

Surrogacy Kenya offers you Caucasian, African, European and Asian egg donors for the surrogacy program.Some women cannot produce healthy eggs and also cannot carry a pregnancy to term for different reasons. Such as premature ovarian failure or maybe carrying a genetic condition which maybe passed on to the offspring, hence in these conditions the option which is most widely used is donor eggs with surrogacy.

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Surrogacy Package With Frozen Embryos

If you have already taken treatment for surrogacy or IVF at some other clinic or some other country and have frozen embryos, you can ship your embryos to Kenya for the surrogacy process to begin.

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Surrogacy Laws

International Patient Coordinators

Patient Co-ordinator for Canada and North America
Call : +6479477450

Patient Co-ordinator for Brazil and South America
Call : +556584069610

Patient Co-ordinator for Uk and Ireland
Call : +44 7751930406

Patient Co-ordinator for Spain & Europe
Call :+34615155803

Patient Co-ordinator for Australia
Call : +61 0738610752, +61 432833027

CME Specialist
Citizenship/passport and Exit visa Specialist
Call : +91-984-910-2040

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