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About KFS

Surrogacy in Ukraine & Kenya

Kiran Fertility Services has been one of the pioneers in the field of third party reproduction having had surrogacy programs in Nepal and India in the past and now in Ukraine and Kenya. With years of experience, we are the Surrogacy experts with empathy.


We have successfully helped intended parents from 43 different countries. The entire international team from KFS which comprises of doctors, patient coordinators, Immigration specialists and lawyers can confidently say that the services offered by KFS are highly personalised, result oriented and perhaps the best in the world when it comes to third party assisted reproduction and surrogacy.


KFS has patient coordinators throughout the world ready to give a helping hand to the Intended Parents.


We now offer two state of the art Surrogacy programs in the Ukraine and Kenya that are personalized and affordable.
These programs cater to all the different requests and requirements that the Intended Parents may have.
Our services below are backed by our many years of expertise, knowledge in those areas.


Our packages include the following services:


  • Medical
  • Logistics including transportation, hotel stay and sight seeing
  • Post birth services such as acquiring passport and visa for the newborn


Kindly contact us at the below mentioned emails to get further information regarding our surrogacy programs in the Ukraine and Kenya.


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