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Embryo Shipping for Surrogacy

embryo shipping for surrogacy

Surrogacy center Nepal will work with frozen embryos, if the couple already tried an IVF or surrogacy attempt prior to the consultation with our clinic then we can use the frozen embryos for the surrogacy process. Normally embryo will be frozen in liquid nitrogen. The embryos can be frozen up to ten years. Now the recent advancements in the technology give good success rate when working with such embryos.


Embryo Shipping for Surrogacy

Embryos will be shipped across countries by professional organizations called Cryo shippers. These cryo shippers are trained well in handling the biological things while shipping and handling. You can contact us for the process of shipping the embryos.


After receiving the embryos at our laboratory we will prepare the surrogate mother to transfer them into uterus. An IVF expert will check the quality of embryos and selects the best embryos for transfer.


The Intended parents are required to make a note that the embryos belong to at least one among the parents for the genetic relationship with the child to get the citizenship of the corresponding country.









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