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Reasons for people choosing Surrogacy

Starting a family is a long cherished dream in everyones life. However, while there are many who are waiting for long to have their own children, for one reason or another, this can be due to their inablity to concieve or carry pregnancy to its term or may be it is medically/ naturally not possibloe for them to conceive like in case of LGBT Couples and Single Parents. Increasing stress in everyones life and changing lifestyles have hugely contributed to the increase in infertility rates as-well as are cause of immense concern in pregnancy Term.
Common Medical Causes for Married heterosexual couples to undergo Surrogacy can be braodly classified as below.


  • In cases where the woman suffer from MRKH syndrome, i.e. born without a uterus (this occurs in 1 in 10,000 women)
  • Women who have had a Hysterectomy (removal of uterus due to multiple reasons)
  • Women suffering from severe debilitating illnesses such as Severe Diabetes, Hypertension, cardiac, liver or kidney disease wherein they can get pregnant but cannot carry a pregnancy to term without jeopardising their and the babies health
  • Women with severe degree of Adenomyosis
  • Women with untreatable Asherman’s syndrome due to Gential Tuberculosis.
  • Women who have to undergo chemo or radiation therapy because of different kinds of cancers etc.